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large square shawl with hand-printed and zig-zag-cut edges

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The large square shawl is trimmed with hand-printed and zig-zag-cut edges. It measures 125 cm x 125 cm and offers enough fabric to give you a cosy feeling. The scarf has a sportive character and is not as decorative as the large scarf with tassels. It's oversized shape makes
it a nice unisex piece that is easy to wear and to combine with all your casual clothes.

Product Info:

Each piece is unique and the hand-printed and zig-zag-cut edges varies with each piece. The available colours of the printed edge are navy-blue and petrol. Please make your choice when ordering one. There are a few in stock an you will receive a model very similar to the one shown on the photo.

Quality & Care:

The fine qualities of the delicate denim fabric are found in its soft and cosy touch, its cool and casual look, its sustainable origin and its easy care.

It is made from 100% recycled denim fabric and is thus cotton based. Its colour varies with each batch and appears in shades of greyish blue.

The fabric is made in Italy, the accessories are made in Germany.

The texture is light and delicate. It is durable when handled with care. Similar to wool it does not need to be washed often when it is aired regularly.

The decorated accessories like the scarf with tassels and the scarf with the printed zig-zag edge should be hand washed only, avoiding friction at the decorations to keep them in shape. The other pieces can go into the washing machine at 30 Cº delicate cycle, protected inside a laundry clothes washing bag.